People, I know I post music links a lot..but that is my life. Seriously Tyler Ward is amazing..not to mention super cute! 🙂 can’t stop listening to it!


Hey Care!

I know what you are probably thinking. “wow Caroline..what an awkward title.” “sounds like you are talking to yourself”

well, first of all I am probably talking to myself and second this is a FAQ post..but not just any FAQ post a FAQ post where I make up most of the questions because no one really asks me questions. haha. ha. But I might put some questions people have actually asked me! 🙂

But first I will insert a photo because posts without pictures are lame.


^ Story of my life.


what is your favorite color?

PINK! but I also love white and brown and all colors!

what are your favorite songs now?

Note: subject to change soon. 

Christian: Hope will lead us on, Barlowgirl

Not Christian: All too well, Taylor Swift

what bugs you?


Coffee or Tea?

COFFEE but I like tea too!

what instruments do you play?

Piano and guitar! 

Do you have a boyfriend?

Nope! I am proud to be single!

Can you sing?

I do have a voice! I love love to sing..but whether it’s good or not 🙂

favorite clothing item?

I really love Dresses, leggings, tights, and sweaters!

Secret TV show obsession?

Once upon a time. Don’t judge me. it’s awesome!

flats or heels?


what I like doing in free time?

Write Letters! Make videos! play guitar!


Well that’s all you get to know about me for today! haha!

whoever is reading this…I love you! have a awesome day! God bless!






Life as of late.

I am sitting here drinking my apple cider in a big mug, feeling the sun through my window, and smiling as I go though picture for this blog post. I haven’t posted in a while, mainly because I forgot about my blog (oops) but I have been busy with school and other things.

Last weekend was my Church’s fall retreat, it was amazing! my favorite part was probably the worship. after we sang the last song I was like: “NOOOOOOOOO DON’T ENNDDDDD.”




I had a great small group for the retreat as well, who I also enjoyed all my time with them!


It was amazing! we had loads of fun!


This is TEAM CARE below. I wasn’t on a team…but I should have been cause I did a lot of work…



filming on the top of parking ramps, big fields and by the lake. check out the video below for behind the scenes..

other than that just school, fall drinks, and more school


I must return to writing papers and such!




High Fashion//Hippie Styled Photo-Shoot

Right before Hannah and Jon moved we (Madeline and I) did a photo-shoot with them in a awesome field with these huge concrete slabs!

It was Hippie//High Fashion//Vogue styled shoot. most of these pictures are taken by Madeline (who is going to spaz out if i don’t give her photo-credit so if you really want to you can go look at her blog http://www.sofiahilder.com)

Before you ask how I did my hair (I know you were going to or at least thinking it) I crimped (tiny size) then I teased it!











And now for some fun ones!!!!







we got a lot of scratches 😦 boo-hoo! it was really fun!